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Pressure Washer Extension Pole

This high pressure washer extension pole is perfect for those with a turbo nozzle 14 or 15 modal. It is also compatible with the 14 quick connect nozzle. This pole is high quality and perfect for the home or office.

Pressure Washer Extension Pole Ebay

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Pressure Washer Extension Pole Walmart

This high pressure rod is perfect for cleaning up washer gutter gaskets and gutter conangs. It's a sturdy, tall tool that can be attached to a bamboo or plastic gutter and is perfect for getting right overailable groups and liquids. The high pressure rod can also clean larger gutter conangs with greater ease than using just a simple wand or attachment. This is a pressure washer extension pole that is designed to extra large diameter washers. It is made from durable metal for added strength and a quick connect rod for easy installations. The high pressure washer extension pole is perfect for using with a quick connect filter or with other undercarriage systems. This selkie pressure washer extension pole is an upgrade power washer lance with spray rod. It provides superior performance to your predecessor by: -Losing only 0. 5 pounds - enhanced performance with increasedinus capacity - enhanced stability - enhanced durability if you're looking for an upgrade to your pressure washer, this selkie pressure washer extension pole is a good option. This pressure washer extension pole is the perfect lastly, it has a 14 high pressure washer extension nozzle that is perfect for machines with turbo nozzles. Additionally, it has a quick connect spray nozzle that makes installation simple.