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Pressure Washer Extension Wand

This high press washer Extension Wand is a first-rate tool for turbo and water plants, with its 14 quick and turbo technology, this Wand makes high pressure c pressure washers with a large this Wand is conjointly facile to c uncomplicated to set c straightforward to c high pressure c high c large capacity.

Gun With 16

Pressure Washer Gun with 16"



Gun 3000 Psi Power Washer Extension Wand Lance Spray Nozzle

Pressure Washer Extensions

This 6 pc pressure washer Extension Wand set peerless for an admirer hunting to add pressure to their washer, the set includes a power lance and attached gun which make it uncomplicated to resolve problems while washers are washers. This high pressure washer Extension Wand is puissant for use in a high pressure washer, it can be used to help increase the power of the washer and to help get pet hair and dirt out of the washer. This Wand as well good for getting style chunks out of the water, this pressure washer Extension is for the psi power washer. It is fabricated from durable materials to make sure your washer will get the job done, this Extension comes with a Wand upgraded power washer, making it straightforward to set up and use. The Wand is a replaceable, portable power supply that can be added to the washer while it is still in use, this pressure washer Extension Wand is exceptional for use in your own home or office. It grants two-inch whirring diameters that are sensational for cleaning up your gutter, the quick connect feature allows you to attaches it to your lance gutter cleaning tool. This unit also includes a tools case.