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Soap Dispenser For Pressure Washer

This innovative soap dispenser for a high pressure washer offers an adjustable soap that is middle of the range. The high pressure washer compatible kit allows you to.

Soap Attachment For Pressure Washer

If you are in the market for a high-quality soap attachment, the- pressure washer- is definitely the right choice! This attachment comes with everything you need to get your soap working well, and it's all made from sturdy materials that will never suffer from use.

Pressure Washer With Soap Dispenser

This funteck pressure washer with chemical injector kit is perfect for those who want a simple, fun and durable pressure washer. This washer has a soap dispenser that is attached to the front of the unit, making it easy to use. The kit also includes an adjustable hose attachment, making it possible to adjust the amount of soap that is available to be used. Additionally, the kit has an automatic shut-off system, meaning that it will stopownto 0 bar of water if there is too much water in the pot. this soap dispenser for pressure washer is an easy and fun way to adjust your soap quantities without having to remove the soap from the soap dispenser. It is made of materials that are usually used for other things like- a foam nibo, a soap dispenser, and a nozzle for the soap. The karcher k serie soap dispenser for pressure washer includes all you need to adjust your soapy game. First, adjust the length of the nibo which is adjustable between 2 and 4 lb. , the size of the soap dispenser which is adjustable between a soaker and a dropper, and the nozzle for adding the soapy liquid. Then, simply add soapy liquid to the nibo and press thezzle to title your soapy liquid. The soap dispenser for pressure washer is ready to use in a few simple steps. this is a soap dispenser for pressure washer that includes a 624-j soap dispenser bottle wnozzle for the karcher k 2cck. New out of box. this soap dispenser is for high pressure wash tools and is made from plastic for strength and durability. It has a small size for easy storage and is fitted with a colander for line removal. The dispenser has a water tight seal and can be used with guest soaps or personal washes.