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Mi Tm Pressure Washer Pump

This high-pressure water Pump is unrivalled for use in a mi-t-m pressure washer, it is automatic, so you can forget about losing water. The 3000 psi is strong and resistant to wear, this Pump is a must-have for any water-based house cleaning business.

Pump Oil

3-0208 Mi-T-M 4000 PSI 1"

By AR North America


Pump 70-0458 700458 Ar2189


By Annovi Reverberi


Water Pump For Mi-t-m, Wp-2408-s1hb, Wp-2500-4mhb Sprayers

Power Pressure Washer Water Pump

By The ROP Shop


Pump For Mi-t-m 3-0297 3-0414 3000psi 2.5gpm 3/4

Pressure Washer Pump For Mi-T-M

By cn-batteries


Best Mi Tm Pressure Washer Pump

This mi-t-m pressure washer Pump is a replacement version that is designed to work with the mi-t-m machine, the Pump ensures the machine is running at full power and helps to action points. This is a sealed seal type Pump and will not come with a Pump oil, it is an 3000 psi model and will require a Pump oil to be added. The 3-0414 Pump model will need a Pump oil added, this Pump provides an 2. 5 gpm speed and will handle up to 30414 3-0414 water, it extends an 3-year warranty. This mi-t-m Pump kit fits the 3-0414 Pump and provides use with a standard pressure washer, the Pump kit includes two parts which are the pressure washer valve and the Pump valve. This mi-t-m pressure washer Pump valve kit will allow you to handle your own pressure washer Pump in your mi-t-m machine, the kit comes with an 70-0502 pressure washer Pump and an 8-foot long cable. This kit is moreover equipped with a handy valve that will allow you to adjust the pressure washer's pressure to a terrific level for your specific unit, the valve is produced of heavy-gauge metal and is equipped with a manual hose tuc-tapered calliper that allows you to adjust the pressure washer's pressure to a top-of-the-heap level for your specific unit.