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Mi T M Pressure Washer

The 3-0414 pressure washer pump is dandy for your store, it presents an 2. 5 gpm 3000 psi function that makes it uncomplicated to wash clothes quickly and easily, the unloader feature takes care of all the loading and unloading for you, so you can focus on what you're supposed to be doing.

Mitm Pressure Washer

The pressure washer is a high-pressure water washer that was designed for medium-duty water applications, it imparts an 3000 psi altimeter and can wash up to 2. 4 gallons in 3 minutes using cold water gas, this washer is additionally compatible with other high-pressure water washers from the pressure washer line. This high-pressurewasher will withstand 3000 psi and more, it's a valuable tool for removing debris and debris clumps and irrigation systems. The innovative, axial design means mi-t-m pressure washer is won't work well with other types of pumps and attachments, this washer also includes a water dispenser and dishwasher. The mi-t-m pressure washer is a top-of-the-line way for admirers who wish for quality work and performance, it presents a local delivery window and a customer service number for call. The mi-t-m pressure washer is practical for the home and small homeowner, it can washer large chunks or all at once. The washer can handling high pressure washers up to 389 cc, this is a pressure washer that uses 3-0358 valves. It is a high-pressure with a psi capacity, the washer uses an 3000 pump to maintain pressure. The washer is off-the-shelf and is available as an end-of-the-line model or as a full-service option.