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Foam Gun Without Pressure Washer

This is a new Foam Gun with a water sprayer that is used in a pressure washer, the Gun extends a range of up to 2 m and can shoot Foam projectiles with high accuracy. The Foam Gun as well strong and durable, making it excellent for ig washer use.

Foam Nozzle For Pressure Washer

The Foam nozzle for pressure washer is a beneficial invention! It makes it basic to operate your pressure washer with a powerful spray gun, the nozzle can also turn into a powerful spick and span in the water. This makes for intense and is top-rated for use with a pressure washer, this pressure washer extends a wireless high pressure washer system that allows for fast and effortless water removal. The washer gives a powerful water Gun that can remove up to 000 psi, it also gives a Foam cannon that can generate up to 100" of foam. This washer is outstanding for removing mud, sand, and other types of debris, this is a pressure washer soap Foam cannon lance that works with a jet spray Gun to create a back and for th motion that creates suds. The nozzle tip can be used to create a back and for th motion as well, this washer soap Foam foamer can help reduce back and for th spraying and increase speed and creating hot suds. This is a that uses Foam cannons to clean floors, it is again compatible with snow Foam cannons. The Gun is again a breed streak m22 inlet compatible with snow Foam cannon.